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The new year you need to look for a new job?
As a nine to fiver, are you satisfied with the company's performance appraisal system? You want the company attendance system to make any improvement? The need to replace a better job. Do? For you are welcome to join, looking forward to our cooperation!
  • Position: Hardware quality inspector

    Main responsibilities
  • Position: Quality Supervisor

    Main responsibilities

    1, the formulation of the annual, quarterly market plan, is responsible for organizing, guiding the regional market personnel formulate and refine the regional market execution plans, and to monitor and evaluate the implementation.

    2, responsible for planning, implementation and evaluation of consumer promotions, marketing channels and other forms of brand promotion, to increase sales and brand awareness.

    3, according to the retail data report, third party tracking reports, and other market information, analyze the competition in the market, discover market opportunities, put forward to expand sales of product development, for the purpose to enhance the competitiveness of the market, price and promotion recommendations for action.

  • Position: Hardware engineer

    Main responsibilities




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