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Zhongshan Shi Jointec Electronics Co., Ltd.


Zhongshan Shi Jointec, which is located in NantouTown, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. It has been in specializing in manufacturing terminal seat and rotary switch for electric appliances over thirty years. Jointec evolves product category to more than one hundred gently. All has got CQC and CE Security Certificate while part got TUV、VDE and UL Certificate. We are prided for our products’ turnout and market on leading position of other competitors in China. We have been supplying bulk of categories to MD, Gree, Kelon, Hualing, Galanz and Changhong ect. which are companies of famous brand at home. And part of the products export to many foreign countries and territories.

“BEDE” means “Quality and Technology”. We utilize the production line with high standard quality and a team of professional engineers as well as capable managers. At the meantime, we have built up ISO9001 quality management system. It ensures our goal to provide you with high-class goods and services.

With your help, Jointec is confident to creat and develop a mutually bright future. Please take time to visit our Website at http://www.dasndt.cn for more details. We are looking forward to co-operating with you. 



Address: No.1,dongxiangwanglu,Nantou Dadao,Zhongshan City,Guangdong,P,R.China



Zip code:528427       


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